A Letter to my Granddaughter, Pearl Joy Brown

Oh Baby Pearl,

What does a Granddaddy say to his seven week old Granddaughter?  Well, I love you! that’s what! And Happy Seventh Candle Day!

As hard as I try, I will fall short of fully expressing my love for you. Every time I hold you, I tell you I love you, and I truly do! But I have also told you that Jesus loves you! In all of life’s trials, remember that.  Jesus loves you!

You are more valuable than all the pearls in the world.  The joy you bring is indescribable!   You have two parents that love you so much; and a brother and sister that love you too! You have aunts and uncles and cousins that love you; grandparents that love you too! You have friends you’ve met (although you may not remember them just yet) and family and friends that have only seen pictures of you. There are bloggers blogging about you and newspapers and websites sharing your story; you are being tweeted about and posts put on facebook about you. I gotta tell you Pearl, for being just 49 days old, you are pretty famous!

I need to let you know though, you are here for a purpose.  And it isn’t about you. You are here to bring glory to your Father, God.  He made you so very special! He loves you more than all the people who know you here on earth could ever love you.  Pretty cool, huh?  You have purpose!  You are loved! You do not realize it yet, but you have touched a lot of people.  God has already used you, and you cannot even walk or talk yet.

I have to admit, I envy you a bit. I can only imagine the conversations you have with your Creator,
Jesus. You haven’t learned an earthly language yet.  So I figure you and God must be communicating in His language.  Oh, to be able to eavesdrop on those conversations.  I know He tells you of His love for you.  But what else does He say? I guess that’s just to be between the two of you.

“Be a spark that starts a fire…”          Isaiah 64:2 (CEV)

Your momma quoted that Scripture a few weeks before you were born. I think you have done that.  You have started fires in people’s hearts. A passion to watch God work His wonders to behold! People from coast to coast have been praying for you and your family for months now.  And God has heard these prayers and He has been answering them.  He is still answering them! He hasn’t answered them all the way we thought He should or would.  He has answered them the way He knew was best.  He has been the giver of HoPE.  He has given peace and comfort.  He has encouraged and emboldened! He has quieted and stirred up!  He has both extended grace and helped others to extend grace. He has stretched us; challenged us; loved us; held and helped us; He has been right there with us as we cried and laughed and prayed and wondered!  And Pearl, He has done these things through you.  Wow.  Who would have thought…

I think it would be accurate to say that you have had a hard go of it so far.  I have a pretty good feeling that there are more hard times ahead for you and your family.  I also know the same God that formed you in His very image will carry you through all this.  He will be ever-present.  When you were still in the hospital, your daddy put your footprints in ink and on paper. See.  Cool, huh?

It reminded me of an old poem.  A poem that reminds us that God is always there.  He is always watching out for us.  He is always there for you Pearl.  He made you and is caring for you.  He has plans for you that I know nothing about.  I do know they are good plans though.  I know that because God always wants what is best for you.

Oh Pearl, I have rambled on long enough.  There is a lot more I could say.  But here is the important stuff.  Keep listening to God.   Soak up His presence.  Continue to let Him work in and through you.  As much as you are already a miracle baby, I sense that God has a whole lot more He wants to do for you and through you.  Yes, little you. The baby of promise and hope!

I love you Pearl!



4 thoughts on “A Letter to my Granddaughter, Pearl Joy Brown

  1. Amanda

    The baby of promise and hope. Amen and amen.
    Thank you so much for sharing this letter and your family with all of us. It is a privilege to watch Pearl’s story unfold and to watch your family demonstrate the relentless love of God in your love for each other. Thank you, thank you.

  2. ~ Ruth.

    Thank you, Daddy, for the love and support you and Mom have offered. You are right – Pearl is here to bring glory to God. And its pretty amazing that she is able to do that without even trying. She knows nothing about the works He has done through her life. How humbling to remember that even when we try, it is He who does the work.


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