Happy Grandparents Day!

I have to think back to Paul, addressing Timothy.  He talks of the faith Timothy has, and how he saw it first in Timothy’s grandmother.  What a heritage!

And that sends me thinking of my mom and dad, and step-dad, Papa John.  Each a hero of the faith in their own right, and yet the glory for anything they passed on to me or my kids, (their grandkids) must go to God.  He is the Author and Perfecter of our faith.

Of course, that further leads me to think of my grandparents.  My mom’s parents and my dad’s parents.  Each of whom taught me various things about life.  And faith.  And most importantly, God. 

Thanks to each of you, I am who I am.  Thank you for the things you have taught me.  Grandma Pomeroy was so subtle, and yet so strong in the way she taught me.  Great-grandma Walker too!  Grandma Franklin was such a powerful influence in my life, and yet I didn’t really realize it until I was an adult.  And Grandpa Franklin. I guess he is the one who I look up to the most.  Smart, quiet, yet forceful and full of Godliness. A preacher who to me, lived what he preached.  Not perfect in actions maybe, but truly a man who loved God with body, soul, and spirit!

I pray I leave a Godly heritage for my grandkids.


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